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AARD Mechanical Air Conditioning and Heating is a group of experts who are looking to improve the way that your home or business will operate. Walnut’s choice for quality service HVAC service at a great price.  As industry professionals, we look to provide our customers with concrete solutions and reliable fixes that will leave your property in better shape than when we left it. Whether you’re looking for colder air conditioning, an emergency heating fix in the middle of winter, or an opportunity to improve the systems in your home, we are here to help.

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Duct Cleaning

Remove Years of Dirt and Dust From Your Homes Ventilation System. Ensuring your ducting is free from dust can cut down on your family’s allergies and more. 

Restore Your HVAC Systems Peak Energy Efficiency 

Walnut Residents, Need Help With Your Heating & Air Conditioning System?

At AARD Mechanical, we know that sometimes it isn’t always clear when you have a problem. If you notice that your heating or air conditioning has gone out completely, it can seem obvious to call in a specialist, but what if you’re not quite sure? What if your house isn’t getting as warm or your air conditioning seemed cooler last summer? Don’t worry, we can help. 

Our team specializes in all things heating and cooling related. Whether you have an obvious problem or you think something might be up, our experts are ready to help you to address any concerns as quickly as possible. We are trained to assess problems, identify causes, and make repairs as needed. With our team, you can always count on fast repairs at a reasonable price. 

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Quick Risk-Free HVAC Assessment

When you run into a problem with your home, you want to know what is going on. At AARD Mechanical, we trust in the fact that we are always available to identify your problems when they arise. No matter what issues you run into, we are more than prepared to assess the situation and provide you with easy answers quickly.

For us, there is nothing more important than providing our customers with answers quickly. When something goes wrong, you don’t want to wait to solve the problem. This is why we are always available to head over to perform an immediate assessment of any concerns that you might have. When you work with us, you can count on the fact that we will arrive on time and ready to identify the source of your concerns.

After we determine the problem that your systems are facing, we will provide immediate solutions so that you can begin to decide your next course of action. We are happy to offer our clients as many solutions as we can provide so that they can make the right decision for themselves. Our experts will take time to explain the issue so that you have an understanding regarding what will go into the repair or replacement.


Need a New HVAC System?

Flexible payment plans with low to no interest rates upon approval

Brea Air Conditioning and Heating company supports veterans
AARD Mechanicals favorite Vietnam Veteran

AARD Heating & Air Conditioning supports Military & Law Enforcement

AARD Heating & Air Conditioning supports our military, law enforcement, and first responders because there would be no AARD if it wasn’t for our favorite Vietnam Veteran! With family who have served/serving in the U.S. Military, Sheriff’s department and in the medical field, we believe that our first responders should be thanked for keeping us safe and healthy.  We offer a 10% first responders discount on repairs, maintenance and indoor air qualify products as a thank you for your hard work and dedication. 

Rose AARD Mechanical Owner
Rose Rivera CEO of AARD Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning

Rose Rivera CEO of AARD Changing The Industry

Rose Rivera had the courage and tenacity to pursue a career in an industry dominated by men – she founded AARD Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating. While her achievements are certainly commendable and her actions often groundbreaking, she is far from a solitary player. She has encouraged other female contractors to join the field, so that even more women can be bold and unafraid of entering into new – or existing – industries.

Honest Pricing For Honest Work

There are many different companies that have been known to overcharge their clients for simple services. At AARD Mechanical, we believe in providing the best possible customer service for all of our clients. Whether you need a simple fix or a full-on replacement, you can count on us to offer competitive prices that you can feel good about. We fully support our customers investing in their homes, which is why we make sure not to break the bank so that they can rest easy.

In addition to fair pricing, we pledge to always offer you the work that you need and will not try to upsell you. Though we might make recommendations regarding the future health of your systems, we will always respect your decisions and offer the services that fit your needs and your budgets. You don’t need to worry about our team members trying to convince you to pay more for additional services. They are heating and cooling experts, not salespeople. 

Real Problems, Real Solutions

We know that things don’t always go as planned and we know that not everyone is an expert when it comes to heating and cooling issues. Fortunately, we are more than happy to offer you solutions that work. Instead of offering you quick fixes, we will let you know what needs to be done in order to overcome the situation and avoid any later reoccurrences. If there is something wrong with your systems that is likely to cause more problems down the line, we will let you know and also offer you any additional solutions that we can to keep your home at the right temperature for many years to come. 

Air Conditioning & Heating Repairs, Installations, and More

We offer a versatile team that is guaranteed to deliver on your needs. Sometimes you might need a simple repair and other times you might be looking for a complete installation. Whatever your needs are, at AARD Mechanical, we are happy to help. Our team is always ready to address problems, concerns, or even home improvements. We are ready to talk about new systems, replacement parts, and so much more. If it is related to heating and cooling, all you need to do is ask and we will do whatever we can to help.

Brea AC Repair and Installation
New Daikin Condenser Installation
AARD Mechanical Air Conditioning and Heating, Brea CA

Why A.A.R.D Heating & Air Conditioning?

Our team is composed of everyday individuals who have made a career out of improving homes around the area. When we show up for work every day, it is not just because it is our job. The fact is that we are a collective of professionals who are in this line of business for a few key reasons. First, we love it. The world of heating and cooling is something that we know very well and we enjoy working on systems that we have spent years learning the ins and outs of. In addition to a passion for the work that we do, we are a highly trained team. We have decades of experience that come together to bring you incredible service. The reality is that our customers rely on us to provide them with exceptional service and we put everything that we have into making sure that they get the help that they need.

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