LA and Orange County Guide To Thermostat Settings

Guide to Energy-Efficient Thermostat Settings in Winter in LA and Orange Counties

It’s that time of the year again—winter! With low temperatures and the potential for soaring heating costs, finding a balance between comfort and affordability is crucial. If you’re in Los Angeles and aiming to trim your energy bills without sacrificing warmth, this guide, presented by AARD Mechanical Air Conditioning and Heating, is tailor-made for you. Discover the optimal thermostat settings, energy-saving tips, and the benefits of smart thermostats to keep your Los Angeles home cozy throughout the winter season.

Our Recommendations for Winter Thermostat Settings

You might be wondering about the ideal winter temperature. While 70 degrees might be comfortable, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) suggests maintaining your thermostat at 68 degrees for the best balance between comfort and energy efficiency.

Setting Your Thermostat in Winter During the Day:

While Home:
The DOE recommends a daytime setting of 68 degrees. For added comfort:Reverse your ceiling fan to distribute warm air that accumulates near the ceiling.
Invest in energy-efficient window treatments, such as honeycomb shades or plantation shutters.
Utilize natural warmth by opening south-facing window treatments during the day and closing them at night to reduce heat loss.
While Away:
If temperatures drop below 30 degrees, setting your thermostat to 64-65 degrees when you’re not at home is a wise choice. This conserves energy while ensuring a quick warm-up upon your return. Adjust slightly higher if you have pets, especially those sensitive to colder temperatures.

Setting Your Thermostat in Winter at Night:
For a better night’s sleep, the National Sleep Foundation suggests a thermostat setting of 64-65 degrees. If this seems too cold, gradually adjust over a few days and use extra blankets or warmer pajamas.

Other Ways to Lower Energy Costs in the Winter

Upgrade Your Thermostat:
Invest in a smart thermostat for an energy-efficient heating schedule based on your routine and preferences. Learn about the possibility of obtaining a free or discounted smart thermostat.

Regularly Change Your Furnace Air Filter:
Ensure your furnace operates efficiently by replacing the air filter every 30 days (for flat filters) or every three months (for pleated filters). Consider more frequent changes if you have pets or household members with allergies or asthma.

Add Insulation:
Improve energy efficiency by adding insulation, addressing the fact that around 90% of U.S. homes lack adequate attic insulation. Northern climates require 16-18″, while southern climates need 13-14″.

Consider a New Furnace:
If your HVAC system is nearing 15 years, upgrading to an ENERGY STAR® furnace can enhance comfort and reduce heating costs. AARD Mechanical Air Conditioning and Heating provides support through rebates, special offers, and financing for qualified customers.

For any questions about thermostat settings, energy efficiency during winter, or other home comfort inquiries, turn to AARD Mechanical Air Conditioning and Heating. Trusted by your friends and neighbors since 2020, we’re here to assist you. Call us at 877-227-3125 to schedule your appointment now.

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