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Duct Cleaning

When your air conditioner is on and your ductwork is clogged, dust, dirt, and other pollutants build up inside your home. With AARD’s Professional Dust Cleaning Service, even non-essential systems can benefit from dustbuster-style cleaning to ensure your home’s ventilation system is in good working order. Removing dust and debris that has consolidated in your ductwork can improve the air quality in your home — without the use of harsh chemicals or complicated equipment. Cleaning ducts faster and healthier can reduce your energy bill and improve the comfort and aesthetics of your home.

 What is duct cleaning?

Duct cleaning is a simple, low-pressure process that vacuums up the particulate matter and other biohazards from deep inside your homes HVAC system. The vacuum is directed at the source of the contaminant and blows it away with compressed air. Once the cleaning process is complete, your air conditioner, central heat, heating, and cooling system, plumbing system, and dryer turn on with full efficiency. From the intersection of running shoes and life, we share some of the best stories and highlights from the past week. By runners, for runners.

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Restore Your HVAC Systems Peak Energy Efficiency

To keep your home and office’s air is running clear of foul air, it’s important to regularly clean out your ductwork. Duct cleaning helps keep your upper-level humming. While vacuuming and dusting contribute to a clean living environment, particles and debris can settle in your ductwork and build up there for years. Every time you turn on your air conditioner, potentially harmful pollutants get recirculated back into your home.

Benefits of Duct Cleaning

Keep your HVAC system running efficiently with a thorough duct cleaning. With a cleaner system, your home is warm or cool more quickly with reduced energy costs. Duct cleaning is more than just air filters. Even if you have an advanced filtration system, it can still be beneficial to have the ducts cleaned regularly.

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